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Welcome to Snowberg!

Based on workouts designed for winter sports, we provide training for individuals focussing on reaching their personal targets as well as leading into general fitness.
We can help you to get ready not only to reach the slopes but stay fit and in shape throughout the whole year. Our season lasts 12 months!

Programmes are open to all ages and all levels of fitness.

Enjoyment is guaranteed through a varied programme of indoor or outdoor training. We offer unique and tailored PT for individuals or groups, from beginners to advance or extreme athletes.


Our indoor and outdoor personal training services include: cardiovascular training; muscle hypertrophy, muscle endurance, core stability, flexibility, weight management and nutrition advice.

Snowberg invites you to participate in exploring mountains

In addition, during winter season, invites you to participate in exploring mountains with our experienced team   Snowberg Trailer


Our ski trip programmes combine physical activities within a welcoming and sociable atmosphere at some of the best known skiing resorts in Europe.