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Edge , speed ,carve, feel ….our mission is to make you familiar with those terms and let you have the best mountain experience on the slopes and beyond. It’s more than just sport, its a culture of outdoor lovers, like us, who are ready to challenge themselves in less predictable mountain setting. Join us if you are ready to explore!

Skiing – an amazing outdoor activity we all love. If you have already tried it, then You don’t need be convinced and you are probably already planning your next trip… But If you have not its worth it to check listed below some benefits of skiing:

Physical Fitness

  • Core stability – you will be working your core to ensure you stay up on your skis…as much as possible.
  • Flexibility- Everything about skiing requires flexibility, from getting your boots on to making tight turns.
  • Strength- skiing is an all-over body workout, with almost every muscle put to use- you’ll feel it!

Character building

  • Responsibility – you will need to be responsible for your speed and be aware of what’s going on around you to avoid injuring yourself or others.
  • Resilience – it’s tough to get back up after falling for what seems the millionth time- but you will, and you’ll become more resilient for doing so!
  • Communication -You’ll need to listen carefully to your ski instructor and group leader and communicate with others when carrying out any group tasks.

Physical ability

  • Balance – the key to skiing is staying on your feet in balanced manner and the sport is great for improving balance.
  • Coordination – to stay on your feet and make your skis turn, you will have to improve your coordination.
  • Develop fine motor skills – You’ll constantly be making slight adjustments to improve balance and speed.

Cognitive skills

  • Concentration – You’ll have to concentrate on what your body’s doing, what’s going on around you and what your ski instructor/group leader is asking you to do.
  • Decisiveness- You’ll need to make quick decisions regarding your speed and direction, to avoid and possible accidents.
  • Problem solving- if there’s obstacle blocking your way, you’ll need to work out the safest way around.

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Bart Wisniewski

Skiing lessons

My passion for both tennis and skiing started a long time ago when I was a child. I was lucky to have access to public tennis court in front of my grandma’s flat hometown in Lodz, Poland and family members who took me on skiing holidays to Tatra’s mountains.

LTA Level 4 Tennis Coach
BASI Skiing Instructor
CIMSPA Level 3 Trainer
Team Wilson affiliated coach

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